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Commodity is a generic name given to all products subject to financial and economic trade. The Forex market is the world’s most liquid and large financial market where you can trade on many commodities such as gold, silver, copper, oil, cocoa, corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, cotton, coal, platinum and natural gas.When confronting commodities from different fields of business on a daily basis we can use the huge diversity in their areas of use to predict fairly easy their prices in the market. Other key factors influencing the commodity prices are climatic conditions which corelate with the agricultural business, as well as specific country policies. We can also observe similar conditions for industrial products and manufacturing. The most basic and remarkable factors which determines the price of commodities include factors like: production difficulty levels; changing levels of demand; origin of the raw material sources. Usually, the most common commodities have the highest trading volume which explains why this market is so important to traders and investors. It's a well-known fact that many investors who invested in the financial markets and made profits owe most of their success and wealth to the commodity market.Commodities are one of the main investment instruments on Kaje Forex platform. There you can trade commodities characterised by the biggest demand and the largest transaction volume in the market.

Forex Commodity Trading Groups

The main reason why the forex commodity market is popular is because commodities can be traded without taking risks. Price changes are shaped by demand. The high demand for commodity products facilitates market price follow-up and allows investors to access more detailed information about the market. According to their type, commodities are divided into several basic groups: metals, precious metals, agricultural products and energy products. Products such as copper, aluminium, iron, nickel and lead are traded in the metal class. Metals such as gold, silver and platinum belong to the class of precious metals. The energy group is composed of oil and natural gas. Examples of agricultural products are wheat, cotton, cocoa and sugar. The most popular item in the Forex commodity market is oil, which has the largest structure in transaction volume. Natural gas and gold are following on the second place.

Advantages of Forex Commodity Market

Investing in Forex commodities seems easier and cheaper than other instruments. You can trade on the commodity market 24 hours/day for 5 days and wherever you are having an Internet connection. The major advantages of commodity trading with Kaje Forex are as following:
- Investing in the Forex oil market doesn’t bear any physical costs associated with as purchasing, warehousing or storage of the physical assets itself. The investor trades only at the price of the commodity.
- Investing in the forex commodity market is a safer and more profitable way in the conditions of global economic and political changes. In times of uncertainty such as economic crises, chaos or political stability, commodities such as gold, oil, silver and copper are the right investment instruments to safeguard your money and make profit.
- Kaje Forex expert analysts follow the commodity market at any moment and provide investors with instant and thorough analyses thus ensuring thy invest in a risk-free and profitable trading environment.
- While investing in commodities with Kaje Forex, you can improve your trading experience, diversify the number of instruments you trade, reduce risk and increase your profit in the turbulent global conditions.
- Forex commodity trading is easy on Kaje Forex platform. You can convert price fluctuations into great opportunities while carrying out your forex trading. All the economic and technical details you need in the commodity market can be learned instantly from the analyses provided by Kaje Forex experts. You get information about key economic and political events, market developments and changes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and can use it for improving your trading results.